Where Weight Loss Shows First

Where Weight Loss Shows First: Looking for Progress

Where weight loss shows first can vary from person to person, as can how long it can take to see results. However, many people can agree that a thinner face is usually the first thing people notice when someone has lost weight. In general, most people will start to notice weight loss results in a matter of two or three weeks, however, this can often depend on their starting weight and a person’s build.

Where weight loss shows first can depend on many factors such as starting weight, gender, underlying health issues, current diet, carb intake, and age. Most people have claimed that other people will initially notice that their faces have become thinner, while they themselves tend to notice a loss of weight in certain problem areas such as the thighs and belly. On average, women tend to lose weight first in their breasts and faces, while men usually initially lose belly fat.

Now that you know where weight loss tends to begin for most people, keep reading to learn more about the factors that affect how we lose weight and what you can do to get started on your path to fitness, today!

Looking for Weight Loss Results

If you’ve just started working out, then you’ve probably found yourself staring in the mirror pretty frequently, looking for signs of weight loss. But there are many different factors that can have an impact on how soon you’ll see results. There’s really no universal answer in terms of where your weight loss will show up first since there are so many factors that can impact how, where, and when you’ll lose weight.

Below is a list of the many factors that will impact how you lose weight and what can affect your weight loss results in terms of speed, how much you’ll lose each week, and where your weight loss will be the most obvious.

Starting Weight

Often, people who are considered obese usually lose more weight in the beginning and at a faster rate compared to someone who is only ten or twenty pounds overweight. However, while the weight loss may be obvious to you in those first few weeks, it can take as many as three months before someone else notices the change. If you have a smaller frame and lose twenty or thirty pounds, then this change will be more obvious compared to someone who loses the same amount of weight but has a much larger frame.



Your new diet can also impact how quickly you lose weight. There are some diets that are designed to promote rapid weight loss in the beginning state. This includes popular diets such as the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet. During the first stage of these diet plans, you can lose anywhere from five pounds up to twenty pounds. As a result, your weight loss results will be noticeable sooner.


Did you know that carb restriction can also have an impact on how much you weigh, in terms of water weight? When we cut out carbs it can often lead to rapid weight loss that will leave you looking thinner and feeling better, faster. However, losing water weight isn’t the same as losing fat. This means as soon as you eat a high carb meal you can expect to put some of the weight back on.

When Weight Loss Results are Obvious

You should begin looking for obvious weight loss results within two to three weeks. When we lose even a few pounds, we want the weight loss results to be obvious, but for many, this won’t happen for at least three months, depending on frame size and starting weight. The rate at which every person loses weight will be different. If you don’t notice any visible signs of weight loss during the first month, it can be very frustrating and unmotivating, but it’s important that you remain consistent with your workouts and continue to follow your diet plan. If you feel tempted to skip a workout or have an extra cheat meal, remind yourself of the benefits of weight loss and stay motivated to keep pushing yourself.

During the first few months, as you lose weight you’ll probably lose both fat and muscle mass. You’ll notice that not only does your face look thinner, but your clothes are also fitting loosely and you have more energy.

Since weight loss normally occurs all over the body, the difference may be more obvious when you take measurements as opposed to weighing yourself on the scale.

Try to weigh yourself only once a week since weight tends to fluctuate from day to day. If you want to use a tape measure to gauge your progress, you can take measurements twice a month and track how many inches you’ve lost.

Women and Weight Loss

Many people claim that weight loss is often more noticeable in women than it is men. But women also gain weight in their breasts, butt, and thighs, while men tend to carry more weight in their stomachs.

When a woman begins to lose weight, they’ll notice that their bra fits a little looser. The breasts are actually the last place a woman gains weight and often the first place they lose weight. Women with an apple shaped body tend to also lose a lot of weight in both the breasts and belly first, while pear-shaped women will usually lose more weight in their thighs and hips.

Aside from losing fat in the face, men tend to start losing weight in their bellies first. Because of hormonal changes, men also usually lose weight at a faster rate compared to women, since they don’t have to deal with fluctuating hormones once a month.

Slimming Down: Preparing for Weight Loss

If you’re determined to lose weight, then the first thing you need to do is assess your diet. You have to change your current eating habits, especially if you’re an emotional eater. Get rid of any foods in the home that are your go-to snacks. Clean out the kitchen cupboards and fridge and ditch any processed foods and high-fat dairy. When you remove temptation from the kitchen, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding on any diet.

In the beginning, especially if you normally eat a diet that’s carb heavy, you’ll notice a change in your weight in the first few days. Unfortunately, this is only water weight. However, even losing water weight and feeling thinner can be very motivating and can help you stay on track.



Find a diet that works for you, but avoid crash diets. These diets are very strict and require you to severely cut down on your daily caloric intake. While this can help you to lose weight faster, crash diets often lead to overeating and they can be very difficult to stick to. Instead of a crash diet, look online for a new way of eating, whether it’s a low carb diet or a protein heavy diet, there are healthy ways of eating that you can follow that will help you to lose weight safely, without tempting you to cheat since you feel so deprived. You don’t want to follow a diet that leaves you hungry and miserable between meals. There are many diet plans that may have strict dairy and protein servings, but in terms of fruits and veggies, you can snack on these all day long in order to curb your hunger.

Weight Loss Timeline

Keep in mind that there are many more benefits to weight loss than just the ability to wear the type of clothes you want. You’ll have more energy, you’ll feel stronger, and even your mood will improve.

Below I’ve included a sample timeline of the changes that can occur in your body, based on how long you’ve been dieting and exercising:

Week 1: Most people will begin to see a small change in the scale, usually anywhere from two to five pounds. You’ll also feel better and your clothes will feel a little looser.

Week 2: In the second week of training you’ll start to see some visible changes in your body. Even your workouts will seem a little easier and you won’t be quite as sore after. Your clothes will continue to feel looser.

Week 3: The third week is when you start feeling more confident about both your body and progress. Many personal trainers claim that people have the hardest time during the first two weeks. When you’re in the third week, you’ll start to feel some momentum. If you’ve been dieting and working out consistently, then your body is now responding well to the changes in your activity level and diet. You’ll feel like your workout program is really working.

Week 4: You’ll feel really proud of yourself for sticking to your new way of living, but that’s probably because you’ve lost anywhere from ten to twenty pounds, depending on your starting weight.

Your New Routine

After the first month of your training program, you’ll begin to accept your diet and workouts as part of your normal routine. Depending on how much weight you have lost at this time, you may be able to adjust your meal plan at this point and increase your daily caloric intake.

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Why Does Weight Fluctuate so Much?

Our weight does fluctuate from day to day and week to week. It can be very frustrating if you’re on a diet and working out regularly when you weigh yourself one day and you’ve gained four or five pounds. But try not to be alarmed. Our weight fluctuates based on a variety of factors such as how many carbs we consume, the time of day, hormones, water retention, and more. This is why you should always weigh yourself at the same time every day, or just once a week. If you’d like to learn more about weight fluctuation, click here to read my article on Why Weight Loss Isn’t Linear.

How Much Weight Do You Have to Lose Before it’s Noticeable?

You will need to lose five to ten pounds before you really notice any weight loss. Of course, this can also depend on your frame and starting weight. Usually, a loss of five pounds is enough to cause your clothes to start feeling much looser than before. People with smaller frames may even notice they’ve lost some weight, even if they’ve only lost a few pounds, while a person with a heavier starting weight and a large frame may not notice any significant changes until they have lost around twenty pounds.

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

It can. But many fitness enthusiasts tend to skip the yoga workout in favor of a more challenging one such as weight training. However, there are some types of yoga workouts that are very intense and can provide the type of weight loss results you’re looking for. I’m referring to hot yoga, which is an intense type of yoga in which you’ll work in a hot environment and sweat it out by taking on complex poses for a challenging workout that can last up to an hour or more. To learn more about yoga workouts, click here to read my review on Yoga Burn, one of the leading hot yoga workouts that have everyone talking about the impressive results.

Final Thoughts

Where weight loss shows first can be different for everyone and can depend on a variety of factors such as current diet, starting weight, health issues, hormones, and water retention. However, most people can agree that others will notice that they have lost weight in their face first. Women tend to notice a loss in breast size before they even realize their faces look much thinner. In men, belly fat is usually the first to go. As you continue to work out and eat right, you’ll notice more so a loss in inches than a significant change in the scale. Usually, the fat in our problem areas is the first to go, whether it’s thick thighs or stubborn belly fat. Over time, you’ll continue to notice positive changes in your body, which can help to keep you feeling motivated to work toward your fitness goals.