Ultimate Yoga Burn Review

The Ultimate Yoga Burn Review: Will it Really Help You Lose Weight?

Ultimate Yoga Burn Review

September, 2022

This Yoga Burn review will take a look at this popular program that’s causing a lot of buzz in the health and fitness industry. Is it just hype? Or can it really help you shed those unwanted pounds while promoting improved circulation and flexibility?

Let’s find out.

Yoga Burn is a video-based yoga program that was created by Zoe Bray Cotton. This program is designed to help people of all fitness levels get fit by following along to the video yoga workouts. 

It’s said to be very beginner friendly, which is a plus for anyone struggling to find an effective yoga program designed with the beginner in mind. Click here to check out the price…

Program Overview 

Right off the bat, it’s apparent that this is a well-rounded yoga program, especially for beginners, and specifically for people who want to lose weight fast. 

This program is an offline/online program that will introduce you to yoga and offers some great beginner and intermediate workouts that can potentially help you tone your body and burn fat. 

So, is the author right, will this program really help you lose a lot of weight? 

Yes, but read on. 

Unfortunately, many people still believe that there’s a magic pill, gel, workout, or exercise that can help them lose weight magically, overnight. But that’s not what this yoga program promises to do. Instead, the author provides a reasonable, realistic approach to losing weight slowly, steadily, and effectively. That being said, you won’t lose fifty pounds in a week, but you can lose one to two pounds a week. Most doctors don’t recommend losing more than two pounds a week because it can have a negative impact on your health, putting your heart under intense stress, and wreaking havoc on your GI system, if you also combine working out with an intense crash diet. The author offers a smarter weight loss program that actually works. 

This slow approach to weight loss means you’ll have a better chance of keeping the weight off in the long run. On average, intense workout programs designed to help followers lose five to ten pounds in as little as two weeks often have the highest amount of weight gain once the program is complete. Most people will actually gain back five percent more than they lost. That’s the sad truth about many workout programs available these days. Most personal trainers or self-proclaimed fitness gurus don’t know much about nutrition and the importance of a safe balance between a healthy diet and exercise. But Yoga Burn is different. 

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The Key Principles of Weight Loss 

Key Principles of Weight Loss

There are a few key principles to weight loss. First, it doesn’t matter what weight loss program you try, it must be easy enough for you to actually work through it. If the program is too challenging, most people will quickly give up. Additionally, the inability to complete a workout not only impacts the person’s motivation to continue with the program, but it can also lead to injury if the workouts are too intense. 

Next, you need to make working out a habit. Putting a workout system in place enables you to go through the program for weeks and months, encouraging you to continue on your path to fitness. It’s said that it takes six months to form a habit, and that includes working out regularly.  But if you find a workout program that’s fun to do, such as Yoga Burn, you’ll find that you actually look forward to working out, especially if you start noticing weight loss results, improved flexibility, and muscle tone. 

Next, if you’re significantly overweight, it’s important that you begin with a low-impact workout that’s not going to overwhelm you. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that comes with a wide range of health benefits including improved circulation, increased stamina, and a boost in energy levels and immune health. 

So, over the long term, Yoga Burn can definitely help you lose weight.  Whatever your weight loss goal may be, just keep in mind that it doesn’t promise incredible weight loss results overnight. This type of honesty gives us confidence in this program. 

Package Details 

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Once you purchase Yoga Burn, you can head straight to the member’s area to learn more about the program and to check out all the features and videos. 

The videos can be streamed on any type of compatible device including your PC, tablet, and phone. 

The program itself is divided into a few sections:

  • Foundational flow 
  • Transitional flow
  • Mastery flow 

Each section contains three videos. In addition to these videos, there are also two bonus videos. The first bonus video is called Tranquility Flow.  The other video consists of small tips and tricks you can try that will improve your mudras and asanas. 

Phase One

Foundational flow is the first phase. This section is designed for beginners and can help them to build a solid yoga foundation. This is very important because it demonstrates how to correctly perform each pose, effectively, and safely. Also included are different yoga tips and strategies, as well as exclusive poses that are designed to help you boost your metabolism, which will result in improved weight loss results. 

This phase will also teach you how to build stronger mind-body control. This will help you control your muscles easily and effectively for improved muscle tone and flexibility. In order to perform the poses used in the advanced videos, following this portion of the phase is essential. 

Phase Two 

This phase of the program merges the poses used in the first and second phases. The poses in this section are more advanced than the basic poses used in phase one. These movements and poses are designed to eliminate your problem areas while also enhancing your mind. This is essential to your weight loss progress because the motivation to continue to work out is all dependent on how you view exercising. 

Phase Three

This is the Mastery phase. This advanced portion of the program consists of a mixture of the beginner-friendly, and intermediate poses you’ve used thus far. This sequence of the program is designed to fully ignite your metabolism, providing your body with a max fat loss boost. 


One of the best things about the set of videos in this program is the fact that you’re able to download all of them, so you can watch them, even if you don’t have internet access. You can also stream them from any type of compatible device. As we’ve mentioned, there are three workouts in each phase. This will give you a total of nine videos, not counting the bonus videos. Each of the workouts are just fifteen minutes long, but they play in a loop three times, giving you a total of forty-five minutes per workout. You can choose to only follow the first loop and then bump it up to two or three loops once you feel you’re ready.

If you’re expecting and want to learn more about yoga workouts during pregnancy, click here to read our article on prenatal yoga. 

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Yoga Benefits

This program will tailor to an individual’s needs. The author explains that a generic yoga class simply isn’t tailored to individuals and their unique fitness goals and physical capabilities. Because of this, many people tend to stop going to yoga after a particularly challenging workout that’s way outside their skill level. Conventional yoga classes can be too intense, instantly causing a person’s cortisol level to skyrocket. Cortisol is the stress hormone which causes the body to store more fat. 

With this program, your routine only changes based on your ability and comfort level. If you find one of the phases still challenging even after a month of watching the videos, you don’t have to advance. You can give yourself a couple more weeks to get comfortable with phase one and only advance to the second level once you feel like you’re ready. 

In order to experience results, you must do yoga routines and poses that are specific to your goals. This train of thought is what led the author to come up with dynamic sequencing. 

Dynamic sequencing is a unique approach to yoga in which you can learn correct poses and posture, how long to hold a pose and the sequence of the poses, in order to progress faster. This is what will push your body enough to promote weight loss and prevent a plateau. 


Most people want to know more about the type of weight loss benefits they can expect. This will heavily depend on how consistently you follow the program, and whether you make changes to your diet. Without the proper combination of a healthy diet that’s free of processed foods and foods that are high in fat, this program won’t do much in terms of helping you lose weight. If you do make dietary changes and follow the videos, you can expect to lose an average of a few pounds a week, depending on your starting weight, how often you follow the videos, and your diet. 

In order to lose weight, you’ll need to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories per week. Doing so will allow you to lose one pound. 

Are there any Downsides to Yoga Burn?

Yoga Benefits

Every exercise program has its own pros and cons. With Yoga Burn, this program isn’t a great choice for advanced yoga practitioners. It simply won’t be challenging enough. However, if you do have yoga experience and consider yourself a yoga master of sorts, this can be a great program if you’ve recently suffered an illness or have fallen off the fitness wagon and need an effective low-impact program that can slowly help you get back on the path to fitness. 

Additionally, some people may find that they need more dietary guidance than what this program offers. If that’s the case for you, click here to read our Fat Diminisher review. 

Why It’s Perfect for Beginners 

If you want a complete yoga program that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, then Yoga Burn is it. This is a great program that will guide you through each pose, focusing on how to use proper form in order to get optimal results. It’s also a great choice for people who are severely overweight or anyone in need of a low-impact workout routine that’s safe and effective. 

If you want to lose excess fat, then Yoga Burn is for you. Additionally, the author also offers a sixty-day money back guarantee. So, you can try the program out for a few weeks and request a refund if you don’t feel it’s right for you, no questions asked. 

Yoga Burn Author

Zoe Bray Cotton is a yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and body transformation expert. She’s spent several years working as a one on one personal trainer, and teaching yoga designed to help people lose weight and tone their body. With this program, she combines both of these goals by creating a program designed to tone the body while reducing stress and lowering cortisol levels. 


  • Easy to follow videos 
  • Videos can be used online and offline
  • Instant access to videos right after purchase
  • The author does a great job of explaining each pose
  • Three phases gradually increase workout intensity
  • Excellent low-impact workouts
  • Program can help to improve circulation, burn fat, and boost metabolism 


  • This program works best when combined with a healthy diet. 
  • Not designed for advanced yoga practitioners. 
Yoga Burn Conclusion and Rating

Wisdom Weight Loss.com Product Rating Updated September, 2022: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yoga BurnWe hope this Yoga Burn review has given you a closer look at the advantages this program has to offer. While it can be hard to choose a solid fitness program online, and one that really works, even if you don’t lose weight by following Yoga Burn, you can still improve your flexibility and muscle tone, and experience an increase in energy. Unfortunately, this program is not a great choice for yoga masters, but it does offer the perfect workouts for beginners and anyone who wants to lose weight safely. 

 We gave this program a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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