Phen 375 Review

Phen 375 Review: A Fat Burning Powerhouse  

Phen 375 Review

August, 2022

In this Phen 375 review, we’ll find out why it’s rated as the number one fat burner on the market and what you can expect in regard to effectiveness and side effects. 

Phen 375 is said to play an important role in boosting the metabolism. A boost in an otherwise sluggish metabolism will make it easier to burn fat at a much faster rate, resulting in rapid weight loss. Recent studies have shown that exercise combined with a fat burner use can actually more than double average weight loss, allowing you to lose as much as five pounds per week. Click here to learn more…


The diet industry continues to release new products every week, ranging from cellulite cream, and diet pills to water pills, appetite suppressants, and diet snacks. With so many products on the market, it’s hard for people to determine which products work and which products are a total waste of money. Even worse, if a product isn’t regulated by the FDA then it’s also difficult to determine which weight loss supplements are safe. 

Which is why we decided to do this Phen 375 review. There has been a lot of buzz around this popular fat burner, but it’s received some mixed results. Is this pill really effective? Can it help me lose weight if I don’t work out or change my diet? 

We took a closer look at the ingredients in this popular fat burner to learn more about how it works and why. 

As far as supplements go, we were pretty impressed by an over the counter fat burner’s effectiveness, especially considering it contains plenty of all-natural ingredients. The manufacturer doesn’t make any outrageous claims, although they do state that it’s still possible to lose weight without diet and exercise. Whether or not that’s true is debatable, but we can guarantee, without making serious lifestyle changes you’re not going to get the weight loss results you want. 

Phen 375 doesn’t just boost your metabolism, it also works to suppress the appetite. Most people struggle when they’re on a diet or basic caloric deficit because they experience constant cravings. In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. After following a diet that’s loaded with trans-fat, carbs, and processed foods, making the switch to healthy eating and actually succeeding at it probably sounds impossible. But Phen 375 can provide the type of support you need in order to fight those cravings. When you take this fat burner you’ll feel full between meals. This will give you a better chance of sticking to your new diet. 

While it’s not uncommon to experience cravings on a diet, it can significantly impact your ability to stick to it. When taking Phen 375, you won’t have to worry about talking yourself out of eating that slice of cake, instead, you can focus on working out and eating right. 

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Working Out 

Working Out

This fat burner should be taken twenty to thirty minutes before you work out. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to avoid overdoing it for the first couple of weeks. Low-impact exercise such as jogging, walking, or yoga are all great options. 

Over the past few years, yoga has been the go-to low-impact workout simply because it works. People with certain disabilities and health conditions can still perform modified versions of yoga workouts and still experience many of the health benefits including improved flexibility, blood circulation, and yes, weight loss. This type of low-impact workout is also perfect for beginners in search of an appropriate, effective workout that’s designed with the beginner in mind. 

Click here to read our Yoga Burn review, where you’ll find in-depth info on this challenging fitness program.

How It Works

This supplement is marketed as a healthy alternative to the powerful, effective phentermine weight loss supplement that’s available by prescription only. 

Phentermine is a prescription weight loss pill that’s FDA approved and has been the go-to weight loss drug used by people who are severely overweight. 

Phen 375 is the result of extensive research done in order to find a safer alternative that can provide the same type of results. In this supplement, you’ll find many of the same all-natural ingredients used in phentermine, with the addition of other all-natural ingredients. 

This diet supplement is made up of several FDA approved all-natural ingredients, and unlike phentermine, this supplement does not come with serious, life-threatening side effects. 

This supplement is a total weight loss workhorse. It works two-fold. First, it helps to fight cravings by suppressing the appetite. Next, it boosts the metabolism, firing it up and throwing it into fat burning mode. 

It’s important to mention that fat burners are not designed to be taken for the long-term. You should not take Phen 375 for longer than six months. 

Once you’ve reached your weight loss goal you can stop taking this supplement, and instead focus on regular workouts and healthy dietary changes in order to maintain weight loss. 

FDA Approved

Unlike other fat burners on the market, Phen 375 is FDA approved. This means that the manufacturer has adhered to strict rules and regulations that govern weight loss supplements. This can give potential buyers confidence that this product is safe to use when taken as directed. 

The fact that this product is approved by the FDA is a huge selling point for many consumers, especially those who are sensitive to stimulants. 

Boost Your Performance

Working out, especially in the beginning, isn’t easy. If you’re watching a workout video, you won’t be familiar with the routine or exercises, so your movements will be awkward and sluggish. You may not have the stamina to easily make it through the workout, so it’s easy lose motivation about twenty minutes into it. 

That’s where Phen 375 comes in. When you take it twenty to thirty minutes before a workout, you find yourself easily keeping up with a workout video. If you’re lifting weights, you’ll find it much easier to push through a tough set. 

A common concern most people have regarding fat burners that claim to boost energy is how you actually feel once the supplement kicks in. Does it cause jitteriness? Does it increase anxiety? Unlike low quality fat burners on the market, you won’t feel anxious or jittery when you take Phen 375. Instead, you’ll feel stronger and energized. You’ll have the fuel you need to get through your workout. 

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How Effective is Phen 375?

Like with any other type of diet supplement, the results will vary from person to person. You’ll have a much better chance of losing more weight if you work out three to four times a week and make important dietary changes. 

People who don’t make dietary changes or exercise can still lose weight when taking this supplement because it curbs the appetite, so the user will find they’re not able to eat as much as they usually do at mealtime, and they won’t have cravings throughout the day or late at night. 

With exercise and proper diet, you can expect to lose an average of five to six pounds per week. 

Without any lifestyle changes, you can expect to lose one to two pounds per week. 

Are Fat Burners Safe?

Yes and no. Whether or not a fat burner is safe tends to depend on the number of stimulants in it and whether or not the product is regulated by the FDA. In order to be approved by the FDA a company must put into place safe manufacturing processes that ensure an equal amount of ingredients is found in each dose. Products that are not FDA regulated can be dangerous. As an example, let’s say you’re taking a fat burner that contains three hundred milligrams of caffeine per dose. If it’s not FDA regulated, there’s no way to be sure that the next dose you take doesn’t contain more caffeine than it should. This can lead to major health issues including cardiac arrest or caffeine toxicity, panic attacks, or even trouble breathing. 

Phen 375 is regulated so you know each bottle and every dose is safe. 


This supplement is made up of five powerful ingredients that work together to help prime your body for weight loss, curb the appetite, and naturally boost the metabolism. Each of the ingredients plays a special role in the weight loss process. Aside from suppressing the appetite and increasing energy, it can also increase the body’s basal body temperature in order to speed up the process of burning calories. 

  • Phen 375 contains Dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride. This is an all-natural ingredient that can boost energy and increase thermogenic action in the body, resulting in a higher calorie burn. 
  • Trumethylxanthine boosts energy levels and switches on the body’s fat burning mode.
  • L Carnitine is a type of naturally occurring amino acid that’s often found in leading weight loss supplements. It plays an important role when it comes to the production of energy, which it does by transporting fatty acids into mitochondria of cells. Mitochondria works as an engine within the cells, burning fat in order to create fuel for the body. The body is actually able to produce L carnitine out of methionine and lysine.
  • Capsaicin is found in peppers and is what gives them their kick. Studies have shown that capsaicin can speed up the metabolism, lower body weight, and suppress the appetite. It’s utilized in Phen 375 because of its potential to burn calories. 
  • Long Jack Tongkat Ali is one of the best vitamins for weight loss and can prevent the body from storing fat. 
  • Chromium picolinate works to reduce the appetite, and acts as a natural mood elevator. 

Dosage Instructions 

The manufacturer recommends taking one pill early in the morning, twenty to thirty minutes before breakfast, with eight ounces of water. Your second week on Phen 375 you’ll take an additional dose twenty minutes before lunch, with eight ounces of water. 

Because this supplement contains stimulants, do not take it later in the day, otherwise, you may have trouble sleeping. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends limiting coffee or other caffeine sources to one cup daily, in order to prevent stomach upset. 

Side Effects 

Like with other fat burners, there are some side effects you should be aware of before taking Phen 375. 

These side effects include the following: 

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Loose stool 
  • Lightheadedness

Side effects can vary from person to person and can be caused by:

  • Overuse
  • When taken with additional caffeine
  • In people who suffer from chronic anxiety
  • People with diabetes
  • Those diagnosed with a heart condition 


This diet supplement will not only help you to lose weight, it also comes with other health benefits such as:

  • An increase in energy 
  • Improves metabolism, encouraging faster absorption of nutrients 
  • Helps users to lose fat steadily without negatively impacting energy 
  • Increases testosterone production which causes a natural boost in libido
  • Converts fat into energy around the clock 
  • As you begin to lose weight you’ll feel more energetic, even if you haven’t taken your dose of Phen 375 for the day. 
  • Elevates mood

Important Dietary Changes 

This supplement has been on the market since 2009. It’s well-established and considered a safer alternative to prescription fat burners. While many users have reported that they still experienced weight loss, without changing their diet, if you have more than ten pounds to lose, changing your diet will be key to weight loss success. This is not a magic weight loss pill. If you want the best weight loss results, you need to do a serious diet overhaul. With the help of Phen 375 you won’t struggle with cravings like you would if you attempted a diet without it, but you’ll need to cut out processed foods, fast food, trans fats, and practice portion control in order to get the best results. 

Attempt to cut at least five hundred calories a day. 

Without this supplement, you would average a one or two-pound weight loss, with just dietary changes alone. Practicing proper portion control can allow you to eat some of the foods you love while cutting calories at the same time. 

Finding the Right Workout Program for Optimal Results 

Right Workout Program

Now that you know more regarding the importance of making changes to your diet, it’s important to also cover what working out regularly can do for you and your weight loss results. While you will still experience average weight loss results without making any changes to your diet or lifestyle, doing so means better and faster weight loss. The key will be to find a workout routine that works for you, one that’s challenging, structured, and effective. 

It can be difficult in the beginning to work up the motivation to start a new workout program, especially if you’re significantly overweight. Most fitness experts claim that the first two weeks of a workout program are often the hardest. After you get through those first two weeks, you’ll begin to notice important changes beginning to occur, such as toned muscles, weight loss, and an increase in endurance. 

We recommend taking your measurements and focusing on the inches you lose as opposed to weighing yourself daily. Once you start to lose weight and inches, you’ll find yourself more motivated to workout. 

But the key here will be to find a workout that works for you based on your current fitness level and your weight loss goals. 

Ideally, you should try to find a type of exercise you actually enjoy, such as running or swimming. If you need a workout and nutrition program that’s structured and one that’s easy to follow, we recommend the Lean Belly Breakthrough or the Fat Diminisher program.

The Importance of Increasing Your Water Intake 

When you take any type of fat burner, it’s important to increase your daily water intake, in order to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. Additionally, increasing your water consumption can also help minimize nausea and upset stomach, a side effect that can occur on an empty stomach. 

Since this supplement can significantly curb your appetite, it’s important to drink at least eight ounces of water when taking a dose. 

Average Length of Use

This is a common question most people have when they’re trying to determine whether or not to take the plunge and order a bottle. But this will heavily depend on how much weight you have to lose, your current weight, activity level, and diet. 

Let’s say you don’t work out, and you still follow the same diet you always have, which is basically processed foods. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds, you will need to take this supplement for two to three months to reach your weight loss goals. If you work out a few times a week, change your diet by cutting out processed foods, fast foods, and replace them with whole foods, you may only need to take this supplement for one month. Additionally, it’s well known that people who weigh more often lose weight faster. 

Considering this supplement contains stimulants, such as caffeine, doctors do not recommend taking it for more than six months. 

Over time, your body will become used to the ingredients and the dosage of Phen 375, which is why the manufacturer recommends increasing your dosage to two capsules a day in the second week. Considering the level of stimulants found in this product, increasing the dosage further after a period of three or four weeks just isn’t safe. You may end up taking your daily dose and realizing it doesn’t curb your appetite the way it used to, or even worse, your weight loss may reach a plateau. 

So, what can you do? Since you can’t increase your daily intake of this product, you’ll need to seriously consider making changes to your diet and exercising. 

Another option is to take a break from Phen 375 for a week or two, and then come back to it once your body is no longer used to it. However, in that amount of time, you may have started to fall back on bad habits and gained back the weight you worked so hard to lose. 

Preventing a Weight Loss Plateau on Phen 375

A weight loss plateau can occur for a number of reasons. First, it usually has to do with your body naturally adjusting to your diet or activity level, but as we mentioned, it can also happen with medication. A dose that worked for you a month ago is no longer effective. 

When you reach a plateau, your body just stops making progress. You won’t lose weight or burn fat, and you won’t gain any muscle. 

Because of this, it’s important to add some variety to both your diet and workout routines in order to keep your body challenged so you can continue to see results. 

If you’ve been taking this supplement for a month and you’ve suddenly stopped losing weight, try adding a few low-impact workouts to your week. Walking for thirty minutes after dinner can be just the boost your body needs to break it out of plateau mode. 


  • This is a powerful fat burner that has been proven effective
  • FDA approved 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Rapid weight loss in one week when combined with diet and exercise 
  • Users can still lose weight without dietary changes 


  • There are stimulants in this supplement, which can cause unwanted side effects
  • Can cause nausea if you fail to increase water intake 
Phen 375 Conclusion and Rating

Wisdom Weight Product Rating Updated August, 2022: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Phen 375This Phen 375 review discussed many of the benefits you can expect with consistent use, but we also explored possible side effects, dosage instructions, and how making important lifestyle changes can provide even better results. Considering it’s FDA approved, we feel that Phen 375 is totally safe to take, as long as you follow the recommended dosage instructions and cut back on your daily caffeine intake. We gave this product a rating of four out of five stars.

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