How to Lose Weight on Your Face

If you look in the mirror daily and aren’t happy with what you see, you might be wondering how this happened. Likely, it’s because you’re gaining weight elsewhere. There are hormonal and genetic factors that might be playing into your puffy cheeks and jowls, but there are also lifestyle changes that can help you slim down everywhere including your face. Losing face fat can be as simple as losing fat everywhere and comes from diet and exercise.

How Face Fat Happens

Gaining weight in the face can happen when excess fat deposits accumulate in the sides which cause the face to become fuller, rounder, and overall puffier. Bloating of the face can fluctuate from one day to the next and depends on underlying issues. Excess fat comes from other weight gains which is a result of poor dieting, aging, a lack of exercise, or other genetic conditions. Fat becomes a lot more visible in the jowls, the cheeks, and under the neck and chin.

Factors Contributing to a Fat Face

Several factors contribute to having a puffy face or having chubby jowls. Facial muscles and a person’s overall bone structure can play a small part in how chubby a person’s face might appear. When muscles in the face are larger the face might appear fuller and fatter. This happens when the masseter muscle located between the cheeks and the jaw become overdeveloped. However, weight gain elsewhere is the most common factor for having a fuller face.


However, there will be a few exceptions to why people might have a fuller or rounder face. Moon face might be used by doctors when making assessments and this simply refers to specific conditions such as being a side effect of steroid treatments or even Cushing’s syndrome. Cushing’s syndrome occurs when your body becomes exposed to too much cortisol for an extended period of time.

Cushing’s typically comes from a tumor located on the pituitary glands or another adrenal gland disease that overall affects hormone production that’s easily treated with radiation, medication, and often, surgery. Some other symptoms of Cushing’s can include erectile dysfunction, fatty hump between the shoulders, stretch marks, decrease infertility, and depression.

How to Lose Weight on Face

We all know how challenging it can be to lose weight, let alone trying to lose weight from a specific area of the body, such as the face.

Losing weight in the face can be extremely frustrating, but there are a few effective methods that can help, and here are some.

Add Cardio

If there’s extra fat in the face, there’s extra fat elsewhere. By losing weight, you can help slim your face down.

Weight loss comes down to incorporating any type of physical activity such as cardio or aerobic exercises. These both are considered to be effective methods for helping with weight loss. Cardio helps to burn fat and increases fat loss. Yoga is also a helpful practice.

Try aiming for at least 150-300 minutes every week of moderate or vigorous exercise which can be the same as 20-40 minutes of cardio a day. Consider things such as running, biking, swimming, and walking as examples.

Increase Your Water Consumption

Water is an important part of our overall health. Some people find their face is chubby because their body is retaining a lot of excess fluid. If your body thinks you aren’t drinking enough, it holds onto excess water. If you want to lose facial fat, water becomes even more important. Water keeps you full longer and can enhance weight loss as we all know. Studies found that water can have temporary effects by increasing metabolism by as much as 24%. This helps increase the number of calories the body burns through the day helping to boost weight loss. Staying hydrated prevents fluid retention and prevents facial puffiness and bloating.

Limit or Reduce Alcohol Consumption

It’s nice to enjoy the occasional drink or glass of wine, but some people tend to go overboard. This is perhaps one of the biggest factors when it comes to weight gain in the face.

Alcohol is low in nutritional value and high in calories. It comes with an increased rate of weight gain. By keeping alcohol consumption in check, you’ll be able to keep bloating and weight gain from alcohol at a minimum.

To learn about which drinks are actually helpful to help you shed pounds, check out our guide here!

Limit Refined Carbs

Refined carbs including pasta, cookies, and crackers are all culprits of your waistline expanding and accumulations of fat. They are heavily processed, and all their nutritional value and fiber are stripped leaving behind only calories and sugars.

They are digested rapidly as they contain little to no dietary fiber. This leads to both spikes and crashes in levels of the body’s blood sugar which increase bloating and overeating.

Switch Your Sleep Schedule Around

Sleep is a general strategy for just about anything, especially weight loss. It can even help you lose facial fat in some cases.

Losing sleep can actually cause an increase in cortisol levels which is a stress hormone that can have a long list of effects; weight gain being the biggest. High levels of cortisol can cause an increase in appetite which alters metabolism and increases fat storage.

Sleep can help you lose a few pounds though. Having better sleep quality can actually help you lose weight in the long run. Make sure you aim for at least 8 hours of sleep to help with facial weight loss.

Keep an Eye Out for Sodium Intake

Bloating can happen when you have increased sodium intake. It can also play a role in facial swelling and puffiness. That’s because sodium causes water retention. The more sodium you ingest the more water your body is going to hold onto.

The average diet consists of 77% of sodium which comes from processed foods. Cutting out on fast food and convenience foods can help cut back on the sodium intake you have in your diet.

Facial Exercises

Facial expressions are great for combating age, improving your overall appearance, and improving muscle strength. By adding in facial exercises to your routine you can help tone facial muscles which allow your face to appear slimmer.

One popular exercise entails puffing your cheeks out and pushing the air in them from one side to the other. You can also pucker your lips on altering sides while you hold a smile and clench the teeth for a few seconds.

While the evidence isn’t completely guaranteed, there are some studies done that prove facial exercises can help build muscle tone in the face. By doing them 2 times a day for about 8 weeks, you will notice an increase in facial rejuvenation and muscle thickness.

Why Should You Do Facial Exercises?

Did you know there are over 50 muscles in the face? Similar to many muscles in the body, most aren’t even used. By doing facial exercises regularly, you’ll be promoting blood circulation to various places of the face. This helps replenish oxygen in the skin and muscles. This helps gives your skin a beautiful glow.

By doing face toning and slimming exercises you’ll keep your face looking its best in the long run. Regular exercises can help keep blood flow regular allowing the skin cells to remain rejuvenated. It also helps keep nutrients flowing consistently which helps prevent wrinkles.

How Often Should Facial Exercises be Performed?

If you’re looking to see results faster, you should aim or doing facial exercises between 3-5 times each week averaging about 20 minutes a day.

Some of the benefits that come from facial exercises can include:

  • Muscle-strengthening in the face
  • Blood circulation increases
  • Face and neck tension decreases
  • Facial skin is tightened and firmed
  • Fine lines and wrinkle appearance are reduced

Facial Exercises to Help Burn Fat in Face

Here are a few facial exercises to help tighten some of the muscles.

For Folds Around the Nose

Start by smiling as big as you can and take your fingertips and press them into the folds between the nose and lips. Lift on the muscles while pressing down your fingers into your muscles for resistance. This is great for strengthening cheek muscles while giving you plump and rounder cheeks, which is a classic and youthful sign.

Tightening Your Neck

The neck is often the first place aging shows. Consider using this exercise to help with the neck and jowl line. Take your tongue and press it into the roof of your mouth. Look upwards with your chin facing the ceiling, smile, and then swallow. This should be done for 30-60 seconds.

Eliminate Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead skin can be tightened as well. First, start by frowning as much as you can. Try to bring your eyebrows over the eyes and also closer together. Next, do the complete opposite. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and open your eyes as wide as you can. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Mouth Muscles

Begin by sitting down. Now, tilt your head backward. Pucker your lips together tightly and push forward. Hold this for 8-10 seconds. Repeat this 5 times to give you a toned looking lip area.

Cheek Muscles

With your lips closed, gently smile. Then suck in your cheeks as far as possible. Hold this for about 10 seconds and release. Repeat this motion 5 times.

Fight off Under Eye Lines

Partially wink one of your eyes and keep the other one open. Keep this position held for a second while making sure all the muscles around the eye are contracted. Release and repeat this exercise 25 times with each eye.

Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

If you’re looking to get rid of those pesky lines in the corner of your eyes this might be the exercise to consider. Relax your face. With your eyes open, lift the lower lids without moving your upper ones. Hold this for 2 seconds and release. Repeat this exercise 25 times with each eye.

Toning for Your Eye Area

With two fingers pressed into the temples, rapidly open and shut your eyes as if you were blinking for about 10 seconds. Rest in between and repeat this 5 times.

Jaw Release Exercises

This exercise is great for getting an attractive cheekbones. It helps to stretch the muscles around the jaw, cheeks, and lips. Begin by sitting or standing straight. Move your jaw as if you were chewing on something. Keep your lips closed as you chew, breathing in and out while humming. Open up your mouth and press your tongue into your bottom teeth while holding for a count of 5 and breathing out. This is one movement.

Air Blowing Exercise

If you suffer from chubby cheeks, this exercise is for you. This works nearly all facial and neck muscles. It’ll give your face a natural lift if done the right way. Grab a chair and sit straight up with your back pressed to the back. Tilt your head back so you are now facing the ceiling. Pull your lips in and blow out air. Continue this for a few seconds, relax, and then repeat.


You can use your hands for stretching facial muscles and for toning them as well. This can be done by lowering the chin closer to your chest and pull your skin away from your face. Attempt to say “ah’ once the skin has been stretched while keeping the static position. This should be done at least three times a day.

Smile Often

One of the easiest ways to exercise your facial muscles is to smile. Smiling can not only slim down your chubby cheeks, but it helps brighten up everyone’s day as well.

Tips to Ensure You’re Doing Exercises the Right Way

  • Lying down will be the most effective method.
  • Make sure you wash your hands before touching your face.
  • Make sure you do your facial exercises at the same time each day to avoid forgetting them.
  • Avoid pulling or tugging on the skin too aggressively as this only accentuates wrinkles.
  • Combine your facial exercises with regular cardio exercises to give your complexion the best boost.